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Every organization has its own unique set of IT challenges, and yours is no different. Whether you’re struggling to deal with fast growth, addressing security vulnerabilities, finding cost-effective storage solutions, or rebuilding infrastructure to set your project teams up for success, no out-of-the-box solution will be right for you. That’s why we work to understand your exact situation, and find the perfect solution for your team.

ITP walks you through creative problem solving on two levels:

Basic Project Assessment and Procurement Plan

Your ITP Cloud Solutions Advisor will work with your team to understand your project timelines, goals and objectives and help you assemble a solutions matrix and procurement plan. We then search for the solution providers in the cloud ecosystem that provide the best quality and value for your project. We act as your advocate, reviewing and assembling these solutions with pricing options that we present back to your team. When ready to move forward, we then assist with the negotiation and procurement of the right solutions. This process saves our clients time and money. Our team stays engaged in the process with you until the services are fully implemented.

Customer Environment Review, Assessment, Procurement and Migration

(Fee for Services) – Your ITP Cloud Solutions Advisor will provide a full review of your current environment and provide a detailed report that maps systems, applications and network. Through this assessment we recommend a range of solution options that can deliver immediate value and offer a growth path for future expansion. Following the assessment and recommendation phase, we then assist with the assembly of vendor options from our ecosystem of solution partners and gather pricing and project recommendations which we present back to you for your review. Once ready to move forward, we oversee the acquisition and implementation of these solutions until project completion. These services can save a busy IT leader both time and money as well as drive a needed project forward.

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