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Are you a master agency or independent sales agent that would like increase your deal revenue by accessing a partner with a focus on cloud infrastructure solutions? Are you losing deals to other agents or MSPs because they go beyond your solutions expertise? You are not alone…

Let ITP help increase the value of your deals and help you take on more complex client opportunities.

Our Cloud Solutions Advisors can work as a member of your team, deal by deal, and provide expertise on complex cloud infrastructure services while helping you increase the value of your projects. We maintain relationships with Cloud Service Providers, data centers and integration specialists to allow us to bring full service hybrid solutions to your clients. You maintain account control and we support you along the way.
Since ITP has a focus on cloud infrastructure solutions, we do not focus on traditional telco or cloud communications services. That’s where you bring your value.

Our team would love to hear about your next cloud infrastructure project and discuss how we may help you land and expand your opportunities. Contact an ITP Cloud Solutions Advisor today.

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Get a bigger deal from your clients, and improve your bottom line. Our expertise in cloud services and your experience in modern communications can only increase the value to clients. Check out our range of services in the cloud ecosystem you can leverage to improve your client relationships and sales performance.

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